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We surround your Business with assets not liabilities!!!


Accounts Receivable (AR) can be defined as the balance of money due to an Organization for products or services carted but not yet paid by clients. Skanda Freight Services understannds and specializes in this field also. We will catalogue your Accounts Receivable as ongoing assets on the balance sheet. SFS also recognizes that Accounts Receivable refers to purchases done on credit by the clients and it can be any volume of money. We can handle this accounting prcess to ensure that your organization receives all the outstanding payments for products & services. We also verify whether these monetary transactions are filed correspondingly. Procuring revenue by authenticating & accounting receipts and resolving any miscalculations comes under what we will table as Accounts Receivable activity.

SFS also helps file your Accounts Payable (AP), which are amounts due to suppliers or vendors for products or services acquired that was not paid until now. The additional value of all outstanding money owed to suppliers will be displayed as the Accounts Payable balance on the Organization’s balance sheet. Our Accounts Payable sheets encompass limited debt owed to vendors. They emerge as ongoing accountabilities on the balance sheet. Accounts Payable is just the contrary of Accounts Receivable, which are ongoing assets that counts money owed to the Organization.


We bring you the transparent Balance sheet of your Organization!!!

Privileges of opting AR & AP Services

AR Services

  • Promotes operational competency
  • Consolidated invoice generation and get paid rapidly
  • Knock off your costs
  • Enhance your client experience
  • Promote employee detention

AP Services

  • Save time
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Promotes better insight and transparency
  • Streamlined & authentic processing
  • Affords real time monitoring
  • Improves Business relationships

Energetic criterions for opting us

  • Bounteous target on Logistics management

  • Qualified and customer targeted team

  • Agile & explicit approach to the top administration

  • Customized assistance all along transformation

  • Begin pocket-sized - take off the pilot rush and escalate as per the obligations

  • Deep rooted co-operation with our idol patrons